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Metaverse News: Upland Metaverse has reinvented itself into Upland 3.0

BREAKING NEWSMetaverse News: Upland Metaverse has reinvented itself into Upland 3.0

Metaverse News: Upland Metaverse has reinvented itself into Upland 3.0

Metaverse News: Upland Metaverse has reinvented itself into Upland 3.0
Metaverse News: Upland Metaverse has reinvented itself into Upland 3.0

On 27 April 2023, at 09:00 Pacific Standard Time Uplandme, Inc. the Parent company behind Upland Metaverse launched the release of its latest cities “London” and “Birmingham” in the UK.

While on the surface this looks like just another city launch in the Upland Metaverse, this was in fact a game changer and a paradigm shift in Upland‘s Approach towards its Metaverse.

For the players who were early enough to have joined Upland around San Francisco City Launch, they would say that they have seen Upland properly grow, after all, they were privy to history in making San Francisco the original Tier 1-1-1 city had original Mint Prices of 600 UPX ($0.6 equivalent).

Over the course of time, these Mint prices got appraised higher to around 9000 UPX ($9 Equivalent) for Los Angeles another Tier 1-1-1 city.

With the Launch of London, England the latest and first international tier 1-1-1 city, we see that the mint prices have been upraised to around 33,000 UPX ($33 Equivalent).

This has roiled up Metaverse Pundits from all over the Upland World, from USA to Brazil to Philipines to make the same conclusion.


Upland is now either at the beginning of the end of the bear cycle for Metaverse or this is a beginning of a new bull run on the Metaverse Land Grab. Whatever side may be correct, one must acknowledge that Upland Metaverse is like a baby phoenix that has risen from its Grandfather’s ashes.

In Obscure discord chatrooms, the conversation is now trending enthusiastically by big landlords and enviously by newcomers that this is not an era to sell off Metaverse land. The calls for Metaverse Land Grab and HODLing (an acronym for “Holding on to dear Life” to indicate Buying up spare capacity and never selling or flipping) of Metaverse land in previous cities like Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Las Vegas, and many other cities is now underway.

This is partly due to the sheer panic of repricing of Metaverse Land in Upland.

This is demonstrated by the fact that in previous city openings with a balance of about 300,000 UPX, you would come out with 20-25 good metaverse land, however, you would be lucky if that same balance afforded you more than 3 properties in London, this has dealt sheer panic amongst metaverse landlords who have returned bruised and battered back to the other side of the pond in the United States with an unwavering determination to mint out those cheap 9000 UPX mintable properties in Los Angeles and other cities.

There is speculation that even Upland did not expect this reaction to the repricing. However, big whales and smaller players alike are heading to mint out these low-hanging fruits in the USA.

This begs the question, is Upland reading to reprice the new mint growth trajectory to find equilibrium with its competitors such as Sandbox and Decentraland – where you would need to fork out $30,000 to buy Metaverse Land but you could buy land for just $9 (and still can in LA – for now as of publishing this) but that is feature soon dwindling.

Metaverse Pundits, one of the earliest players in Upland Metaverse, and founder of UPX World, ThankMeLater said, “London had set a new baseline for UP2 in top tier cities and will hopefully also help raise the floor on older tier 1 cities that now look to compete against that new baseline.

After deliberating and talking about his experience of the development since the San Francisco Launch, ThankMeLater added “It’s been fun watching the UP2 price rise over time, in SF once we at 70%+ minted everyone was looking for properties priced at or below 100 UPX per UP2! London’s launch saw the minimum be 7x that and in some case 37x that price! And we haven’t even gotten to collection multiplier mark up!


You be the arbiter of the truth – our readers of The Metaverse Street Journal!

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