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Proof of Talk 2024: Shaping the future of metaverse in Paris

BREAKING NEWSProof of Talk 2024: Shaping the future of metaverse in Paris

Proof of Talk 2024: Shaping the future of the metaverse in Paris

Paris, France – The emblematic city of lights should become the epicenter of revolutionary innovation and dialogue with the next event, “Proof of Talk 2024“, which will be held from June 10 to 11 at the prestigious Museum of Decorative Arts of the Palais du Louvre. The event should attract industry leaders, technology enthusiasts and visionaries from around the world to immerse themselves in the future of the metaverse and its transformation potential.

A convergence of minds and ideas

Proof of Talk 2024 is positioned as a crucial conference in the world of Web3 and Metaverse. The event is expected to witness a convergence of more than 2,500 participants, including developers, investors, artists and policy makers. The gathering aims to emphasize the ethics of decentralization and innovation, by promoting collaboration and discussion on the rapidly changing landscape of the digital realm.

Keynotes and revolutionary ideas

The conference will include a series of fascinating keynotes and round tables. Among the speakers, there are:

Joseph Lubin – Founder and CEO, ConsenSys

Jenny Johnson – CEO, Franklin Templeton

Tim Draper – Founder, Draper Associates

Yat Siu – Founder, Animoca Brands

Staci Warden – CEO, Algorand Foundation

Mihailo Bjelic – Co-founder, Polygon

Stani Kulekhov – Founder, Aave

Dominic Williams – Founder and chief scientist, DFINITY Foundation

Beniamin Mincu – Founder and CEO, MultiversX

Lily Liu – President, Solana Foundation

Justin Sun – Founder, Tron

Mo Shaikh – Founder, Aptos Labs

Kurt Hemecker – PDG, Mina

Ophelia Snyder – Co-founder, 21Shares

Alex Krüger – Partner, Asgard

Sergej Kunz – Co-founder, 1-inch network

Sebastien Borget – Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Sandbox

Stephan Lutz – CEO, BitMEX

Tim Grant – CEO, Deus X Capital

Xiao-Xiao J. Zhu – Digital operating partner, KKR

Christopher Donovan – COO, NEAR Foundation

Lennix Lai – CCO, OKX

Marc Weinstein – Partner, Capital of the mechanism

Leeor Groen – Managing Director, Spartan Group

MacKenzie Sigalos – Moderator, CNBC

These distinguished speakers will cover crucial topics such as real-world asset tokenization, AI blockchain integration and smart contract security.

Network and partnerships

Proof of Talk 2024 will also serve as fertile ground for networking and partnerships. Many agreements and collaborations should be concluded in the animated networking areas. Startups and established companies will present their latest projects in the exhibition area, attracting the attention of venture capital investors and strategic partners.

Exclusive events and networking opportunities

The summit will offer exclusive networking opportunities, VIP dinners organized and a welcome reception. Participants can expect to engage with more than 100 international and national journalists, offering a wide media exposure for innovative ideas and projects.

Looking to the future

As the dates of Proof of Talk 2024 approach, there is a palpable feeling of optimism and excitement for the future. The event highlights the vast potential of the Metaverse and the essential role of collaboration in the liberation of its possibilities. Participants are supposed to leave with new ideas, new connections and the common goal of shaping a decentralized and immersive digital future.

Proof of Talk aims to set the bar high for Metaverse conferences around the world, and its success in Paris should herald a new era of innovation and cooperation in the digital field.

For more details, you can visit the official website.

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