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Metaverse News: Upland New City launches should change these!

UncategorizedMetaverse News: Upland New City launches should change these!

Metaverse News: Upland New City launches should change these

Metaverse News: New City Releases have improved in Upland
Metaverse News: New City Releases have improved in Upland

We have all been there – Upland New City releases. Been there done that.

We all saw around the LA launch that unstable servers and data compression algorithms and what a difference not getting them right has on new city releases.

We also know turning off enhanced graphics during new city releases help.

Thus, we at The Metaverse Street Journal conducted a Metaverse News VoCum (Voice of Customer) Survey of The Upland Metaverse community on “New City Releases” and how could the experience of a new city release be made better according to the community members themselves.

However, here are some things we talked to the Community about which they think Upland ought to consider to have a better city release experience for everyone in the community and we at The Metaverse Street Journal couldn’t agree more:

  1. Showing Mint Price:
    Hear us out completely because this has a very important rationale. Few of the organized directors and above-leveled player we talked to expressed their frustration in not being able to budget and then end up losing out in the end when it’s minting time. Minting is very competitive at the moment and not knowing prices well in advance is causing issues for the players. To have to then take a few minutes to go through Tilia Pay to load more balance is not ideal. The players explained. They have a budget for the monthly purchase of New UPX but may go over that if need be for instance new city release. Thus, if we were X1 or GeneralMort or any of the Customer Experience Representatives at Upland – this would be on our top to-do lists for Rio de Janeiro. Showing mint prices to properties well in advance instead of keeping it a secret and displaying NA would help actually help these organized serious players in their quest to seek the Metaverse Dream.
  2. Metaverse Hunters:
    We loved the previous Metaverse Hunters with X1 and LoylDoyl and Sheebaverse and Metaverse Mallory – Absolutely energy and amazing enthusiasm. The only complaint we heard from the community is the timing. If upland is trying to educate us on the new city (which we at The Metaverse Street Journal and the community presume is the purpose of Metaverse Hunters) it should be done before the new city release instead of afterwards. We hope upland takes note and gives some consideration to educating the public and community about new city releases but before the minting instead of afterwards.
  3. Block Explorer Movements:
    Ability to at least map the movement of your BE if not control it outright: We have to admit this is borderline wishful thinking but the community has expressed displeasure with the fact that they are unable to control where their BE floats. For example, if have multiple players in the same area it’s understandable if one player is faster in minting that’s a fair win-win. However, if your BE is floating in one direction but suddenly changes the direction and adds negative value to you as a community member and thus this community suggestion is coming out from that aspect of displeasure.
  4. City Release Timings:
    Metaverse News: New City Release Timings
    Metaverse News: New City Release Timings

    This is a plight that grips international players. With Brazil Launch, it will be even more real. The issue here is many players for example in Australia and East Asia have to stay up past midnight just to mint properties. Therefore, this is a very popular demand from the International Community of Upland. We hope Upland takes note and either considers opening neighborhoods by neighbors in different time zones or total release on different time zones. As more city launches. Once in a while perhaps it could be done when it’s mid-day in Australia for instance is the community’s expectations for a much smoothers city release.

  5. Player-to-Player Chat:
    This was actually one that baffled us in the beginning as to how Player-to-Player chat could help someone in New City releases. However, on asking more questions to the community member who suggested, their use case became more and more clear to us. They are following the short-term flipping strategy, i.e. they mint a property in a new city release and try to flip that ASAP and during a new city release, they would like in-game player-to-player chat to negotiate a better price.

    • We understand that with recent Discord scamming attempts, this is a sensitive topic. However, the rebuttal from the community on that point was to design a smart chatbot that automatically declines chat that includes words like BTC, ETH, wallet address, Profanity, etc similar to how many other platforms reject chat/posts based on certain keywords.
  6. New City Release in Segments:

    Metaverse News: New City Release in Segments
    Metaverse News: New City Release in Segments

    This is more catered to people who are multitasking while new city releases. For example, someone may be at work during New City Releases. They would benefit from cities broken into two phases similar to LA. Though we at The Metaverse Street Journal hear and understand both sides of the arguments as to why upland cannot do that for each city, we also at the same time understand and sympathize with the community of Upland being impacted by this. As a parting thought, we would urge Upland to consider this whenever possible, and if not at least consider new city releases neighborhood by neighborhood on the same day catering to people’s prior commitment and allowing leeway for people’s schedules including work hours and other work and family commitments.

You be the arbiter of the truth – our readers of The Metaverse Street Journal

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