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Facebook, a Meta-owned company, gives a first peek at its first store and enterprise tools

Big TechFacebook, a Meta-owned company, gives a first peek at its first store and enterprise tools

Facebook, a Meta-owned company, gives a first peek at its first store and enterprise tools

The first store of Metaverse
The first store of Metaverse

CALIFORNIA, BURLINGAME – Meta Platforms, which owns Facebook, launched its first physical shop, which includes floor-to-ceiling screen games on its virtual reality headsets and spaces for testing video chatting gadgets.

The shop, which was launched on May 9, is situated in Burlingame, California, inside Meta’s Reality Labs headquarters. Ray-Ban smart glasses, Portal video-calling devices, and Oculus VR headsets are among the hardware goods that Meta hopes to offer there.

The first store of metaverse
The first store of the metaverse

The shop’s design, which features blonde wood and simple furnishings, is reminiscent of Apple Inc’s retail store design from more than two decades ago.

The Meta shop represents a speculative future business for the world’s biggest social media firm, which has spent substantially on virtual and augmented reality in a bid to bring the “metaverse,” a word for immersive, shared virtual worlds, a reality. It is uncertain if this will be a phygital shop or a standard physical shop.

The metaverse, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, might be the world’s next great computing platform, but he has cautioned that the company’s investments could take a decade to pay off.

Meanwhile, Meta is reducing some of its long-term investments as growth slows and the firm remains almost totally dependent on digital advertising for income.

Meta is aggressively pushing its hardware gadgets to companies, in addition to offering them to consumers. It also composes conference calls that may include a combination of virtual reality avatars and regular video calling at the shop.

According to Micah Collins, a senior director of product management at Meta Platforms focusing on corporate products, the firm is experimenting with augmented reality technology that would allow users to attend conferences as avatars through Portal without wearing headsets.

The corporate metaverse business is still in its infancy, according to Collins, and most use of Horizon Workrooms, the VR conferencing tool, comes from inside Meta, according to a spokesman. Nonetheless, Collins said that the corporation sees potential.

Despite the fact that many goods are still in the early stages of development and are unknown outside of their consumer context, “there’s enough there to give us a lot of confidence to attack the sector,” he says.

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