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Will one metaverse exist? Or a number of them?

Animoca BrandsWill one metaverse exist? Or a number of them?

Will one metaverse exist? Or a number of them? 

 Facebook has made building the metaverse one of its biggest priorities. It’s generally defined as online environments where individuals may interact, work, and play as avatars, and it’s a progression of the internet. Those places are shared and constantly accessible; unlike a Zoom call, they don’t vanish after you’ve done using them. 

As the globe progresses, there will be countless potential for multiple social platforms. We overlay the actual world, while some of these other metaverse experiences are almost like a different virtual reality or virtual experience that you enter. 

It’s unknown if there will be a single metaverse or many multiple metaverses, but one thing seems to be certain: The metaverse is a virtual or augmented reality-powered next-generation internet experience. 

Other companies are also working on this project like Upland Sandbox, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, STEPN, Gala, Microsoft, Baidu, Tencent, and a bunch of smaller companies to serve us a better future.  

As we know Facebook has billions of users so it’s easy for them to entice all their customers to use Metaverse. 

The concept of a unified metaverse supporting services from a variety of enterprises is reminiscent of the early internet’s idealistic ambitions. All bets were off when the early pioneers discovered how much money could be earned online. The metaverse will most likely be the same. Many corporations will be putting too much money on the line by allowing consumers to pick up and relocate. 

It is unclear whether there will be one metaverse or many different separate metaverses, but this seems to be the one constant: The metaverse is an immersive next-generation version of the internet, likely rendered by virtual or augmented reality technology. 

Our editors are of the opinion that we may have more than one Metaverses

You be the arbiter of the truth – our readers of The Metaverse Street Journal!

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