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UFC 传奇人物 Amanda Nunes 进入了体育元界。找出为什么?

元界UFC 传奇人物 Amanda Nunes 进入了体育元界。找出为什么?


UFC 传奇人物 Amanda Nunes 进入了体育元界。找出为什么?

Amanda Nunes

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a mixed martial arts organization established within the USA. Nunes is a two-division UFC champion and is widely considered one of the most effective feminine MMA fighters of all time.


阿曼达努内斯, mixed martial art and UFC legend has collaborated with The Sports Metaverse, a virtual atmosphere dedicated to sports, to supply personal coaching.

Amanda Nunes, UFC FIghter
Amanda Nunes, UFC Fighter

In the Sports Metaverse, Nunes is constructing her own personal gymnasium. She will be seen in 3D and will instruct users on the correct way to fight.

Nunes said “It always was a dream to have a gym. You want to be in control of your stuff, you want to train the way you want. You want to be able to share with the fans. I’m building my own gym in the real world and now I have one in the metaverse. It’s very exciting! I can’t wait to put all my posters in my own gym! I’ve made a lot of history in MMA and I can’t wait to have all my pictures and memories of these moments in my gym, so every time I walk in, I have a good vibe and be able to train to do better things in the sport. I can’t wait for the next step in my life,”

The Sports Metaverse is merchandising property within the metaverse in Lion Lands and Sports town, the Sports Metaverse’s premium realty and one in all seven islands.

Users could visit a sports casino and an arena, watch live sports, mingle, Play2Earn, collect NFTs from sports players, exhibit them during a luxurious fan cave, and have interaction with Amanda Nunes. 

Sports Icon CEO and Co-Founder Chris Worsey said “We are delighted to welcome Amanda Nunes and the five sports brands to the Sports Metaverse. Amanda’s gym and the training she will offer are unique. We are the only metaverse volumetrically capturing icons like this, enabling consumers to interact with top athletes in a completely new way.

This is groundbreaking stuff and we can’t wait for the public land sale in June,” Sports Icon CEO and Co-Founder Chris Worsey said.

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