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Metaverse Xəbərləri: Zee Entertainment Filmlərdən, TV Şoulardan və Veb Seriyalardan NFT ilə Metaverseyə girəcək 

QAYNAR XƏBƏRLƏRMetaverse Xəbərləri: Zee Entertainment Filmlərdən, TV Şoulardan və Veb Seriyalardan NFT ilə Metaverseyə girəcək 

Metaverse News: Zee Entertainment To Dive into The Metaverse with NFTs From Films, TV Shows, And Web Series

Zee Entertainment enters the Metaverse
Zee Entertainment enters the Metaverse
  • ZEE’s major aim is trying to implement a metaverse to boost customer retention on its platform. 
  • NFTs from TV shows, movies, music, and original web series would be brought by the media firm.
  • In Bengaluru, ZEE has opened a research and innovation centre. 

Zee Entertainment is the latest major entertainment company to declare its intention to enter the metaverse using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

According to the sources by moneycontrol, Nitin Mittal, president of Technology and Data, ZEE, said that the company would be entering the metaverse soon. 

“Metaverse of Zee will bring a combination of the physical and virtual ecosystems into a new universe. We are creating metaverse as a platform to bring new-age creators,” he added. 

ZEE has opened a technology and innovation Centre in Bengaluru, employing over 700 employees to work on the company’s numerous IPs, including ZEE5 and, most recently, the metaverse project. 

“We have hired over 500 people and are hiring a similar number this year. We are adding capabilities for gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality and metaverse.” 

The media house’s metaverse will also be developed at the said centre in Bengaluru. 

ZEE’s primary goal in creating a metaverse is to boost customer retention on its platform. While users come for content. Mittal believes that a positive user experience will keep them on the site for longer. 

ZEE will provide digital collectables for this. It will assist the media company in driving important customer aspects like premium memberships and fan engagement. NFTs will come from movies, music, TV shows, and digital original web series, according to Nitin Mittal. 

For the time being, ZEE is planning slight NFTs in each of the above verticals. The NFTs are scheduled to be released in the coming quarter by the media firm. 

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